7 Things You Might Not Know About Wireless Security Systems

7 Things You Might Not Know About Wireless Security Systems

Wireless security systems are integrating new technology with the trusted home monitoring that you desire in order to keep your property safe. By using a system that doesn’t rely on wires and landlines, wireless technology makes your home security more adaptable, convenient and easier to install than some other systems.

Depending on the size of your property, the length of time you plan to stay at your home, and the features you are looking for, a wireless security system might be the perfect choice for your home. Before you decide if it’s right for you, here are some things you might not know about wireless home security systems including some convenient features and how you can use your system for more than just safety.

1. No technician required

Wireless home security systems can often be installed without having to schedule a technician. The sensors are easy to place and the transmitter can be programmed using included instructions or a quick call to your new provider. When you don’t have to schedule a technician to come drill holes and run wires, your system is ready to go faster and your home is secure in as little as an hour in some cases.

Most people find installing their own security system to be convenient and easy. Plus, when you know how to install your system you have the opportunity to adapt it to work for you, which brings us to the next thing you may not have known…

2. They can adapt and grow as your needs change

A wireless system can be activated with basic sensors and be easily adjusted as you need it to grow. Adding sensors is easy so you can increase how secure your home or an important area of your home with just a quick addition of a sensor placed where you need added security. They can also incorporate video feeds, home automation monitoring and other features as you decide you need them. In this way, your system is part of your lifestyle and has the ability to keep you protected during any phase of life.

Another benefit to an adaptable system is control of the expense. You can spread out the cost of your security without having to sacrifice by waiting or having too much out of pocket fees at the start.

3. Wireless security systems are mobile

Wireless home security systems can be uninstalled and can move with you to your new location. This makes them great for renters, frequent travelers who want security, even in their hotel rooms, or any homeowner that doesn’t want to hassle with drilling holes or installing wires.

Because they are mobile, you can enjoy the same system that you purchase today no matter where you move or travel to.

4. You can create custom entry codes

With a wireless system you can program different codes for arming and disarming your security system that allow you to track who is coming and going from your home. You will have a record of who was at your property and for how long which can help keep your house and family more secure.

If you are on vacation, this means that you know exactly when the dog sitter or housekeeper came, how long they stayed and what time they left. You can know daily when kids leave or return from school making sure they are safe and being able to keep an eye on them conveniently.

5. You can set up maintenance alerts for your property

Your wireless system doesn’t only monitor your home’s security. You can use the system to set up reminders to help you maintain your home. Maintenance alerts for your home will keep you safer and give you even more peace of mind because the things that usually go unnoticed will be given the attention they need.

Things like replacing smoke detectors or batteries in your sensors will never get forgotten since your system can be set up to remind you. A reminder to check your carbon monoxide detector or drain your sprinkler system means that you are not putting any part of your home or family at risk.

6. You can choose to be notified of events via text or email

While you are away from your home either for the day or on vacation, you can choose to receive notifications via text or email. These alerts can be set up to assess your system at a specific time of day or night, or be sent based on an event that happens at your home that you want to be aware of.

You will never be surprised by what is happening around your home. Receiving a flood, extreme heat or extreme freeze alert or a notification of someone disarming your system allows you to call someone right away if you need them to respond to an alert, or make decisions on how to add safety to your home.

7. You can see live video of your home at any time

If your wireless system is set up with video surveillance, you can access your feed at any time. Your video feed to the outside of your property can let you know of any suspicious activity surrounding your home, help you keep track of lawn maintenance while you are away or view any wild animals in your neighborhood so you can call authorities, if needed. Inside your home, you can check on the babysitter, housekeeper or see the kids doing their homework with the push of a button.

Wireless home security is an extremely convenient way to have a safe home and access to the information that is most important about your property no matter where you are. With the versatility and the features that are offered by great home security companies, you can use all of these points about wireless home security systems to keep your property in top-notch condition while keeping an eye on your family, and ensuring you are safe.

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