Wireless Home Security Systems: The Perks of Going Mobile

Wireless Home Security Systems: The Perks of Going Mobile

Mobile technology has transformed nearly every aspect of our lives, and home security is no different. Today, virtually everything can be automated and monitored remotely from the convenience of your smartphone or computer. Wireless home security systems not only bring peace of mind and added control over your home and your belongings but can also save significant time, energy and money. Here’s how:


Many wireless home security systems allow real-time notifications and the ability to monitor your system from anywhere. This provides added reassurance that your loved ones and your belonging are safe, even when you’re away.

When a traditional wired security system is triggered, your provider is alerted and they in turn call the number on file to inform you of the incident and ask how to proceed. This process is often cumbersome and does not provide the same immediacy as a wireless system does.

When a wireless security system is triggered, a notification is directly sent to your phone, and oftentimes you can see the exact details of the incident the minute it occurs. Was the front door opened? The window broken? Is carbon monoxide present in your home? Whatever it is, you’ll see it right on your mobile device in real time. Most apps then allow a one-touch option to contact the police, eliminating the need for a middleman.

Furthermore, a wired security system is just that – wired. Most skilled intruders will know which wires to cut in order to disable your system, rendering it useless in the event of a break-in. However, wireless systems are monitored through cellular networks, and cannot be interrupted by severed phone lines.


There’s nothing easier than being able to check your phone and immediately know if everything is as it should be in regards to the safety of your home. Wireless home security systems provide extreme flexibility when it comes to home automation and keeping an eye on your loved ones.

For example, you can install a wireless security camera or a keyless entry system that will alert you whenever your door has been opened or closed, letting you know immediately how long the housekeeper stayed that day, or what time your children got home from school.

Also, wireless home security systems can save you a lot of money and energy on your electricity bill through complete automation of your lighting, electronics and temperature controls. Through easy-to-use mobile apps, you can ensure that all your lights come on at 7 a.m. and turn off at 9 a.m. Many systems also allow you to configure commands that trigger one another, often through IFTTT (short for “If This, Then That”). For instance, when you leave in the morning, the air conditioning will automatically turn off until you return home at the end of the day. This automation makes it easy to save money on your energy bills without having to constantly monitor your thermostat or worry about whether you left the lights on.


The beauty of wireless home security systems is their complete adaptability. You can choose to enable or disable aspects of the system that work for you, and to tailor its automation to whatever is most convenient for your lifestyle.

While wired systems also allow a certain amount of personalization in terms of which sensors to install and where to install them, wireless home security systems take customization to a whole new level. For example, with ADT’s Canary app, you can add family members and friends to your “circle” to let them know your location and “shout out” to them in case of an emergency. You can also customize your automation depending on your schedule, and tailor your notifications depending on what’s important to you. Don’t really care what time the door was opened, but want to know when the lights are left on? No problem – just specify your preferences on your smartphone and get the information your need when you need it.

The Perks of Wireless Home Security Systems

Clearly, today’s home security systems have come along way in the last decade. Now more than ever, smartphones are replacing landlines, and wireless technology is replacing the need for third party monitoring services. While wired systems are still an effective option (and most can be enabled wirelessly for an added cost), it is decidedly more convenient to install a wireless home security system to reap the benefits of increased security, lower energy and monitoring costs, and utmost customization.

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