Wireless and DIY Security System: Frontpoint’s Easy Setup Process

Frontpoint shows how easy it is to set up their wireless and DIY security system in the short video, “Our Easy Setup.”

Mike, Frontpoint’s new brand ambassador, walks through the do-it-yourself process of installing the system, starting with plugging in the main control panel then placing the peel-and-stick sensors in important areas around the home, from windows to doggy doors. Adding more wireless sensors to your security system is simple – Just call to have more shipped to you.

Once everything is in place, call the Frontpoint activation team who will test the sensors and walk you through the final steps. And because the system is wireless and DIY, if you move from your home, just take the sensors and control panel with you.

Watch this quick video to see just how easy it is to install Frontpoint’s wireless security system in your home today.

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