Now Boarding: Security System Features for Frequent Travellers

Now Boarding: Security System Features for Frequent Travellers

Frequent travellers need added flexibility and reliability when it comes to home security. Being away from home often shouldn’t mean that your home is more vulnerable or that you have less control over your property. The best security system features for frequent travellers include remote access and home automation as well as efficient and reliable monitoring from a leading security system company.

Staying Connected

Traveling for work or for pleasure may take you away from your home for extended periods of time, but there is no reason to not remain connected. Today’s home security systems offer added control and convenience often with just a touch of a button. Remote access and monitoring mean that you are never without a window into what is happening in and around your home. As long as you have access to your smartphone app or an internet connection then you can take charge of your home security system and control it from anywhere.

This level of connection goes even further depending on the features you have installed. At a basic level, your home security system will give you access to arming and disarming your alarm and will send customizable alerts that can let you know what is going on around your home whenever you need to know, no matter where you are.

Many travellers enjoy the convenience and safety of added features like remote door locks which can help both when you need to let people into your home while away and when you want to monitor those who have access to your home. When you are traveling often, it can be important to know who is entering your home and how long they are staying, and a keyless entry feature that reports to your smartphone can give you that information in an instant.

Beyond keyless entry, many frequent travellers opt to add a wireless video security system to their home security package. A wireless video security system can monitor and send direct live feeds or still images straight to your phone or can be viewed through a secure website. Checking on your home has never been easier! No matter where you are or how long you are gone, you can see who is coming through your front door and monitor other areas of your property.

Wireless video security systems can also send you direct alerts so you are notified immediately in case of an incident or unexpected visitor. With automatic monitoring from a top security system company, you can get automatically recorded video or still shots whenever the video camera’s sensor is triggered. Whether your weekly home cleaning service arrives or an intruder is attempting to enter your home while you are away, your wireless video security system will record what is happening.

Getting Back-up Protection

While all of this control and access to your home is a great bonus of home security systems for frequent travellers, another feature that every traveller should have is security system monitoring.

The top home security system companies provide professional, ’round-the-clock monitoring of your system so that no alert goes unanswered. Trained professionals are available 24/7/365 keeping an eye on your house and make the necessary calls in response to any alert or incident that happens.

When you are in the air, on your way to the next destination, in conference with the next big client you are hoping to land, or just vacationing with family, with a monitoring service there is always someone there watching out for your home and property. Security system monitoring is a feature that is usually charged monthly and can cost as little as basic cable.

A Few Extra Tips When Travelling

In addition to adding the best features for frequent travellers to your security system, here are a few other tips that will keep your property and other family members safe and help ensure that potential intruders do not see it as an easy target. Be sure to take these extra steps for the protection of your property while you’re away:

  • In the winter, make sure that someone is scheduled to shovel snow. Snow piling up without any footprints or car tire tracks is a clear indication that no one is home.
  • Stop mail and other delivery services. Piles of mail, newspapers on a front porch and anything left sitting that has been delivered can also be a clue that you are not home. Asking a trusted neighbor to keep an eye out for unexpected deliveries can help, as well.
  • Set up automatic lights inside and outside. The darker your house looks, the more likely it is obvious that no one is there. An automatic light in the front room and a porch light can lessen the chance that an intruder will try to get in. Select a security system that offers light and temperature control options to create the appearance of someone being home.
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