Security System Basics to Teach Your Kids

Security System Basics to Teach Your Kids

Installing a home security system is a great way to protect your family and have the security you need at your home. Ensuring that the alarm is set and working properly is the biggest part of making sure your home security system is worth it. Teaching your kids how to use the security system and what to do in the case of an alarm is also crucial to keeping everyone safe. To get the most value and highest level of protection from your system teach your family members these home security system basics that are age-appropriate.

Using the System

Younger kids may be concerned with the regular sounds that come from your system. Helping them understand what the different alerts mean will help them be more comfortable with the system. The same goes for the lights on motion detectors and even the sound of the alarm when it does go off. The more you can show them and explain, the more quickly they will be comfortable with the system working in your home.

Depending on the age of your kids, it may be important to help them understand the basics of using the system and how to arm and disarm the system. Some home security companies offer programmable keypads that allow you to give every member of your family their own code for arming and disarming the system. In addition to understanding how to use the codes, it is important for older kids to know how to set the system to protect them while they are in the house and what to do if they accidently open an outside door and set-off the alarm.

The last thing to consider showing older kids is how to use the alarm if there is an emergency. In some cases it may be beneficial for them to initiate an alert, for example, if someone was trying to get into the house while they are there, or if there was a medical emergency.

Responding to Alerts

In the unfortunate event that an alert goes off at your home that is not a false alarm, your kids need to know what to do if you are there, what to do if you aren’t, as well as how to respond if the alert happens during the day versus at night. The best thing to do is both talk to your kids about the things that could happen, depending on what you feel is age appropriate, and how everyone should respond. Consider going through some practice scenarios to be sure everyone is prepared.

Two of the alerts that home security system companies provide are fire and flood alerts. In these cases, the speed at which you can respond to the alert makes having a home security system worth it. Seconds truly count in an emergency.

For a fire alert, it can be vital to help your kids know what to do and how to get out of the house. You may have to install ladders in upstairs bedrooms or downstairs window wells. After they have gotten out of the house, there should be a designated place for the family to meet. This will help you make sure everyone is safe as well as instill a sense of security for your kids in the case of an emergency.

Flood alerts are similar to fire in that there may be a need to exit the home and meet at a safe location where there is reduced risk of getting stuck with water further rising. Flood alerts include those happening within the home, like plumbing breakage, as well as floods caused by nature. The reaction by your family will depend on the type of flood. Make sure your kids know what to do and where to go.

Home security system companies provide protection from burglars and intruders, and an alert going off because of a potential intruder can be the scariest of all for everyone. Kids need to know what to do if they are home and the alarm is triggered. Come up with a plan on how to respond as a family in the event that your alarm is triggered. In many situations, having kids stay in their rooms, or whichever room they are in, is the safest route to go. Ensuring that an adult is able to get to them and either stay with them or remove them from the property is also important.

Staying Safe

The security system that you install at your home is designed to deter intruders and alert you of any incidents that may need quick attention. Knowing how you are going to respond to an alert and teaching your children how to respond will make your home security system worthwhile.

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