How To Find The Right Security System For Your Small Business

How To Find The Right Security System For Your Small Business

If you are a business owner, the security of your employees, business assets and property is a top priority for you. With all that you have invested into your business, you have a lot at stake. Not only that, businesses can be more difficult to secure because the assets differ greatly – equipment, technology, inventory, etc. Security for small businesses should not be taken lightly as businesses are often a target for burglars and intruders, especially after business-hours.

First, to determine the right security system for your small business, ask yourself these questions:

What size is your business?

You should consider the size of your business when determining what security system to purchase. Not only look at how big your property is but how many employees you have and how many clients or customers you have per day. The more active your business is, the more security you will need. You should also consider who will have access to your control panel or mobile control access. If you cannot be reached, there should be someone else on your business property that can control the system if needed.

Do you have around-the-clock security guards?

Aside from your security system, do you have any other security, such as security guards? If your business is located in an office building or a mall, you might already have some level of security. Be sure to check as this might affect what system you can install. Property managers may also have specific rules as to what system you can have if they also have a larger security protocol in place for the building.

What assets do you need to protect?

When we think about business security, we think about securing our physical assets, such as our office equipment, or protecting people, such as our employees. We don’t always think about securing data; however, it’s incredibly important to consider a business security system to prevent your data and business information from getting into the wrong hands. In conjunction with software protection, a business security system will help you limit access as to who is able to enter your property and who isn’t.

What are your business hours?

If you have a 24/7 business then there is probably always someone present at your property. However, if you only operate certain hours, your property will be deserted at certain times, which makes it more susceptible to burglary. You’ll want a business security system that allows you to check in through surveillance camera at any time, arm your system, or lock the doors.

How fast is your business growing?

Lastly, you will also want to consider how fast your business is growing. Your security needs may change and evolve rapidly over the next few years. You may want to consider a wireless system, so that you can easily pick up and move should you outgrow your current space.

Choosing The Right Security System For Your Small Business

Much like a home security system, the business security system will monitor activity on your business property. You should consider the following features when selecting a security system for your small business:

  • Monitoring service: It is highly recommended to use your business security system in conjunction with a monitoring service. This service will monitor your business property at all times. In case of emergency, they will alert you, other authorized users, and the necessary authorities, reducing the response time when an emergency occurs.
  • Surveillance cameras: While surveillance or security cameras are not a must when it comes to home security, it definitely is when it comes to business security. You can’t always be there so it’s comforting to know that you can check in wherever you are. Surveillance cameras allow you to monitor all areas of your business during operating hours. You’ll also be able to check-in after hours, which is convenient if you do not have security guards 24/7.
  • Wireless control: As with any security system, you will have a control panel within your business’ property. It is also a good idea to install a security system that allows for wireless control, especially if you have multiple offices or if you travel a lot. You’ll want to be able to monitor and control your security system, even if you are not on the property.
  • Motion sensors: Much like a home security system, you will want to consider motion sensors for your business. Unlike window and door sensors, which detect the opening of a window or door, a motion sensor detects movement within a space. This is helpful to install in large, open spaces. If movement is detected when your system is armed, your monitoring service will be able to contact authorities.
  • Automation system: While this is not a necessity, you should consider installing a automation system as well. An automation system for small businesses will help streamline manual processes that you or your employees need to do yourself. Examples includes turning on/off the lights, adjusting the room temperature, and locking or unlocking the doors. This will save a considerable amount of time and also eliminate human error by being able to program certain times or make changes remotely .

Whether you are a large company or a small mom-and-pop shop, protecting your physical property, your intellectual property, and your employees is a high priority. There are security system options of all kinds for every type of business. Contact your security service provider to find the right security system for your business.

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