Need a Practical Holiday Gift Idea? Why a DIY Home Security System is a Great Option

Need a Practical Holiday Gift Idea? Why a DIY Home Security System is a Great Option

The holidays are a time of giving meaningful gifts to the people we love. There is nothing more practical than giving the gift of home security to your family, and, with today’s home security providers, there are as many options and features that can be wrapped up and presented to your loved ones as there are types and sizes of families. Consider giving them a practical holiday gift that will keep them safe all year long by purchasing a home security system.

Statistics show that over 2 million burglaries are reported each year, and overall losses from burglary in the United States total around $4.6 billion every year.[1] You don’t want your loved ones to be part of this statistic. A top rated security system will protect those you love all year round, and well into the future.

Giving a Security System as a Gift

Choosing which system to gift can be as easy as choosing the features that the recipient would need and ordering the system from a top-rated home security company. While some gift givers may know exactly what their family member needs in a home security system, there are also a lot of options and flexible packages that can be ordered, allowing your loved ones to customize a system perfect for them. Your favorite people can have the protection of a top home security system before the new year starts!

Why a DIY Security System is a Great, Practical Holiday Gift

For many families, the best security system that can be received as a gift is the do-it-yourself security system. These DIY security systems can be installed right away and are flexible enough to fit in any home and protect any family. Everything they need to protect their property can come ready to be installed and complete with simple instructions. With a DIY security system the recipient does not have to schedule a technician or worry about installation, and there is little hassle to getting the system up and running. Plus, the added convenience of the receiver’s family being able to make choices about how to use the system, according to their lifestyle and needs, means the system you give can fit perfectly.

Do-It-Yourself Installation is Easy and Cost-Effective

Basic DIY security systems will come with sensors that can be installed on the doors and windows that are vulnerable to a burglary or intrusion. The sensors that come in a DIY kit either have a self-adhesive strip that allows them to be stuck on door frames and window sills, or will come ready to be installed with small screws that are easily drilled into the same areas. The installation is simple, and the sensors can be moved or reinstalled in a new location in the event of a change of residence.

After sensors are installed, the control panel can be activated with a quick call to your security system monitoring company. They will ensure that all of the sensors are online and working correctly while on the phone and can walk your recipients through setting codes and understanding how to access the system when they need it. It is as simple as that! Most installations of a do-it-yourself security system take less than a couple of hours from start to finish.

DIY security systems like the ones offered by top-rated security system companies are excellent gifts for kids who are out on their own. Because they are wireless and adaptable, they can be installed in apartments and other rental properties as well as effectively protect larger homes. Their flexibility means that they are perfect no matter what lifestyle or size of property your family lives in. It is like giving the perfect gift, in just the right size.

DIY Security System Offer Customizable Features

Today’s best security system providers also offer a number of features that can be added to the security system that you give, which allows for the system to be customized to fit your family year-after-year. Starting with the basic sensors and monthly monitoring, families can easily add video surveillance, motion detection, remote monitoring, customizable alerts, even home automation. The gift of a DIY security system will be a practical and useable gift for years to come.

A do-it-yourself security system can include all of the features that families want most in their home security along with the trustworthy monthly monitoring and customizable alerts. With the best DIY security system, a family doesn’t have to sacrifice any security features. The recipients get the added benefit of controlling the installation of the system themselves along with being able to program the system how they want and when they want. Be sure to let them know that they can add features that will keep them protected every day.

Give a Practical Gift this Holiday Season

As far as a practical holiday gift goes, a DIY security system is the great choice. Talk to a home security service provider today to find out how to order the perfect DIY security system for your family, and give a gift of safety and security for the year to come.


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