How to Find the Most Reliable Home Security System

How to Find the Most Reliable Home Security System

Home security is a top priority and important step for homeowners and renters alike. A reliable home security system is your way of making sure your family, other members of your household and your valuables are protected and that you have the information you need to make decisions in the case of an emergency.

There are several things you should look for when trying to find the most reliable home security system. These elements will help you determine if the provider you are working with is trustworthy and help you determine the level of trust you can put in the system they would install at your home.

Equipment and Services

The best rated home security systems all include modern equipment and services. Up-to-date technology is an important part of ensuring that your security system is the most reliable and most resistant to burglaries.

Out-of-date systems may include parts or features that no longer protect against intruders. For example, some systems are only connected to a monitoring center through a phone line, with no back up protection. This phone line can be cut by a burglar, disconnecting your system from the monitoring center completely at which point it becomes useless. The phone line can also be out because of an issue with an utility company which is out of your control. Without a backup for the system, you’re at risk that your signal will not arrive to the monitoring center when it is most needed.

Most reliable home security systems will have backup levels of protection that automatically respond to any interruption in service. If the phone line is down or cut, a reliable home security system would then move to cellular or broadband connections as a back up and your system would remain monitoring your home without a hitch. In this way, the equipment is designed to keep you safe regardless of how hard a potential intruder tries to over-ride it.

Another example of up-to-date equipment and services is the protection a home security company includes with the control panel that is located at your house. In the past, control panels were subject to “crash and smash” breakage that would leave them useless if a burglar knew that the system would stop working when the control panel was destroyed. Now, you can get a system that continues working no matter what happens to the control panel.

It is important to ask your potential home security system provider what measures they have taken to improve their equipment and protect against the efforts of intruders as well as what types of back-up protection are available with your system. With today’s technology, there are plenty of ways you can remain protected in any situation and good home security system companies will gladly provide you with information on the measures they are taking to successfully protect your home and family.

Monitored Security Systems

Many companies today offer security systems that are unmonitored. The alarms are installed throughout your home, and you have access through a smartphone app or over the internet to check on the system yourself. There are some scenarios where an unmonitored system may work. They are great at providing access to view particular areas of your home or alerts of family members arming and disarming your property., however they do not provide you with the back-up of added protection that a monitored security system provides.

Unless you live in a completely protected community with no risk of break-in or burglary, the most reliable home security system is one that has someone attending and responding to your alerts 24/7/365 through a monitoring service.

Monitored security systems provide the level of protection that you need to take your mind off of the security of your home and focus on other things – or just enjoy the comfort of knowing that someone is watching out for what you think is important. With a monitored security system you have trained professionals ready to make important calls when an alert goes off at your home no matter what time of day or where you are when the incident happens. The added protection can be the difference between getting an alert on your smartphone that someone has tried to break in and knowing that someone is already on the call ready to involve the authorities.

5 Steps to Finding the Most Reliable Home Security System

Now that you know to look for the top equipment and what it means to have constant monitoring on your side, you can access information about the best-rated home security systems and discover which one will fit best with your needs.

First, determine what you want to protect and how you want to protect it. The size of your home and the type of protection you need all factors into which security system provider you go with. Large homes with property that needs monitoring will require different features than a single bedroom condo or apartment. Also, some families benefit from adding video feeds or home automation features, which can add a lot of convenience to your home security system. The first step is to determine what you want to protect and how.

Second, identify the best-rated security system companies and check out the packages they offer as well as the features they highlight as part of their security plans. These packages will tell you which companies have what you are looking for and if it is in your budget. Some companies offer bundles of features, such as providing entry-point sensors, motion detectors and access through a smartphone app, as a package while others offer individual services that you can customize to meet your needs like adding a certain number of video feeds or including medical monitoring in your system. A reliable home security company will be able to help you choose the package or individual options you need to get the best protection for your home.

Third, do a price comparison of the packages and features available from these top-rated home security companies. A price comparison can help you identify which features are more valuable to you and which ones you can do without. A reliable home security system company will be able to provide you with the services you need within an appropriate budget.

Fourth, look for security company promotions or security system coupons that are available. These can help you save money on your installation or monthly monitoring costs and can even help you upgrade your system without any additional out-of-pocket expense.

Fifth, call and talk to the customer service reps of the best rated security system companies you’ve identified. They will be able to tell you everything they do to keep your equipment and system up -to-date and keep your home monitored 24/7/365. The most reliable home security companies will gladly tell you what they have been doing to keep their customers safe and what measures they take to ensure their services and equipment are completely up-to-date.

By taking these five steps to choosing the most reliable home security company and knowing what you are looking for, you will be able to identify and begin working with the most reliable home security company for your needs. Remember, the best companies will never shy away from your questions and will be ready to tell you what they do to protect you in any urgent or emergency situation.

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