8 Other Locations to Install Wireless Sensors in Your Home

8 Other Locations to Install Wireless Sensors in Your Home

Today’s popular security systems are becoming more versatile and more adaptable to the needs and desires of homeowners and renters. In the past, hardwired sensors that were affixed to windows and doors were limited in what they could secure, and, because they were permanently connected, they could not be moved without the help of a professional. Along with their permanence, hardwired sensors were vulnerable to being cut, resulting in your sensors losing power and connection to the control panel and monitoring center.

Today, a wireless home security system not only eliminates the risk of having power or connectivity cut, but is more versatile and can be installed to protect valuables or other locations within your home that were previously left unmonitored. A self-installed security system that includes wireless sensors has all of the potential and flexibility you need, no matter what you are trying to protect.

Here are some alternate locations where you can install wireless sensors to ensure your belongings are secure beyond just signaling the opening and closing of an entryway or window.

1. Home theatres and entertainment centers

Home theatre and entertainment equipment is an expensive luxury that families want to protect and monitor. A wireless sensor can be placed at the doorway to your home theatre, or on an entertainment cabinet in order to keep the belongings inside secure. Along with keeping them safe from burglary, they can also be monitored to make sure that family members, like teens and school-aged children, are not accessing the equipment or room when they should be doing their homework or chores. Since the sensors are already part of your self-installed security system, you can set them up the way you need to be in control of your entertainment equipment.

2. Gun Cabinets

Protecting children and securing firearms are a great reason to use a wireless home security system sensor. Placed on a gun cabinet, the sensor can be used to alert you of anyone tampering with the cabinet or trying to access firearms. This alert can keep your entire family safe, especially children who are curious and could put themselves in real danger if firearms were accessible.

Popular security system features that can be included in keeping your gun cabinet safe include automatic text alerts or audible alarms that would deter anyone from accessing this area of your home.

3. Liquor cabinets and wine cellars

From expensive bottles of wine to just keeping visitors away from your personal favorites, sensors can be placed on liquor cabinets or wine cellars that will alert you if anyone is trying to access your collection or get into your expensive whiskey. For a collector, this is an important feature of a security system . It is also a great feature for parents.

Parents who are worried about underage drinking can keep tabs on their teens by activating a sensor wherever they keep alcohol. Since parents are responsible for any underage drinking that goes on in their home, these sensors can keep both teens and parents out of trouble.

4. Seasonal gear, bikes and other outdoor storage

Seasonal gear like skis, snowboards, bikes, kayaks and other equipment takes up a lot of room in the house but can be unsafe if left outside. A self-installed security system will allow you to place wireless sensors on outdoor storage areas that can house these expensive toys and ensure that they are safe year-round. Sensors on outdoor storage will protect you from finding out too late that your bike has been stolen or your skis are missing. A wireless home security system can alert you to an tampering with this outdoor storage area and can keep burglars from taking any of your gear.

5. Medicine and Cleaning Supplies Cabinets

Whether caring for an elderly family member or just wanting to keep kids away from cabinets with dangerous chemicals, a wireless sensor can protect family members from the contents of both medicine and cleaning supplies cabinets. There is no better way to make sure that your family doesn’t get into dangerous prescription drugs than setting up an automatic alert if someone tries to access the cabinet. A self-installed security system will give you the flexibility to lock up what you need to and know that there won’t be any accidents.

6. Secret stashes and valuables

Around the holidays there is a good reason to lock up a secret stash of gifts and set a wireless sensor to monitor the closet or room that gifts are stored in. There will be no peeking if an alarm will sound whenever the door is open! This goes for other valuables year-round that have a special place in your home as well as collectibles that are kept in cabinets or display cases that need any extra monitoring.

7. Home offices

With more and more people working from home, it is important to keep confidential information, financial records, and other work secure at the home office just like it would be secured at the workplace. Wireless sensors can help to monitor the door, desk drawers, cabinets or storage bins of a home office, so important items won’t get lost, stolen, altered or accessed by those who are not authorized .

8. Tools and Work Trailers

Workers who have to bring home expensive tools and/or work trailers should consider adding a wireless sensor to monitor this equipment. Installing a wireless sensor can let you know if a trailer door has been left open or if someone is trying to sneak in and take important tools and equipment. This is especially important if pricey materials and equipment are publicly visible and are frequently brought home. Don’t leave it to chance. A self-installed security system could mean the difference between a costly loss and keeping business running as usual.

With all of the versatility and flexibility of wireless sensors, there are unlimited ways you could use them to keep your belongings secure and your family safe. Wireless security systems are perfect for people who need adaptability and have things in and around the home that require added protection. Contact your security system provider to discover other places that can be secured using movable wireless sensors.

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