Top 10 Reasons to Install A Home Security System Today

Top 10 Reasons to Install A Home Security System Today

Home security systems today offer a lot of benefit for a low cost. Access to technology, competition in the market and improvements in monitoring systems all make home security a better investment than it ever has been.

Plus, they do a lot more than just provide security to a front door and a couple of windows. Your security system can automate your home, alert you to any number of incidents, and help you control your lights, garage door, even appliances.

If you are on the fence about whether or not to install a home security system, consider some of these top reasons to say “yes”:

1. Deter Intruders – for both your home and your neighborhood

Studies show that home security systems deter intruders, and, the more security systems in a neighborhood, the less likely burglaries happen in that neighborhood. [i] In order to keep your own property safe, install a home security system and feel good that you are adding to the overall protection of your neighborhood.

2. Protect Valuables

Home security systems protect what is valuable – your family as well as what you have worked hard for. In addition to making it harder to access your property, a security system can be set up to protect specific areas of your home. For example, a sensor can be placed to notify you if anyone is accessing a safe you have installed, or trying to get into an entertainment cabinet.

3. Secure your Firearms

Security systems are a good option for those who own firearms. A sensor can be placed where you keep your guns and it can be programmed to alert you when someone is trying to access the cabinet, safe or drawer. This can help you keep weapons out of the wrong hands and feel more secure about keeping them in the home.

4. Get Important Alerts

Your security system can be set up to alert you of more than just a break-in. Most alarm companies offer alerts for incidents of fire, flood, or carbon monoxide leak. Optional alerts that can be added to most systems so you can get information about a medical incident or window breakage via text or email so you know what is happening at home right away.

5. Control Energy Costs

Systems that are directly connected to your lights and thermostat can help you control your utility use, which can help you lower your bill. Turning lights on and off via smartphone app, adjusting the thermostat, and, in some cases, having access to your appliances are all ways you have more control over your home energy costs.

6. Lower your Homeowners Insurance Costs

Security Systems can lower your insurance costs by an average of 15 percent. [ii] Call your insurance provider and find out if they offer a discount for a security system and get the details on what steps you need to take to receive that discount.

7. Watch Your Home from a Distance

Whether you are at work for the day or on vacation for the week, you can keep an eye on your home. Watching from a distance means that you will know when housekeepers come and go, if the kids are safe at home after school, and be able to see your property without calling a neighbor to check in on your home. Through remote monitoring, alerts and/or video surveillance, you can keep watch no matter where you are.

8. Keep an Eye on Your Kids and Pets

Security systems can be set up to alert you to when the system is disarmed – telling you when your kids get home from school or from other activities while you are away. They can also include video monitoring that you can watch while you are away if you have left your kids with a sitter. Some systems can monitor locks on doors or cabinets you don’t want your kids getting into.

Security systems can help you monitor your pets as well. You’ll know when they are coming in and out or who actually chewed up that table leg when you get home.

9. It’s Easier and More Convenient than Ever

Technology has made home security system installation easier and more convenient than it has ever been. You can get a system installed, or even install your own, in just a few hours. Plus, the access you get through smartphones and websites makes your system work for you 24/7.

10. Get a Real Return on Investment

The average value of property stolen from a home is over $2,000 and only 21% of property is ever recovered after a burglary[iii] [iv]. Add to that insurance costs, deductibles, potential legal fees and more and the low monthly price of a home security system that will guard your home against theft is a great investment financially and emotionally.

The reasons to install a home security system today range from saving you money to keeping your entire neighborhood safer. With the features and customizations available from today’s top companies, you can get the biggest return on your home security investment, enjoy the safety and peace of mind that your new system brings and know your family and property are safe without needing to wait any longer.





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