Staying Independent and Safe: Home Security Systems for Elderly Family Members

Staying Independent and Safe: Home Security Systems for Elderly Family Members

Multi-generational households are becoming more and more common in the United States. Some recent reports show that over 49 million people live in a multi-generational household and that number is growing.[1]

Among the challenges that come alongside moving an elderly family member into your home, or caring for someone from afar, there are sometimes concerns about how to care for and look after them in the midst of hectic schedules, work hours, and other family busy-ness. A household with an elderly family member that is mostly independent but has medical concerns or simply just needs to be checked in on occasionally can benefit from a residential security system that includes optional features that add safety and convenience to the situation. Home security systems for elderly family members can also provide an added level of protection if visiting nurses, maids or other caregivers need access to the home when you are not available.

Medical Alert Features

The first level of protection that home security systems for elderly family members can provide is medical alerts. Medical alerts can be set up in bedrooms, common areas, or even with a device that is worn or carried, such as a medical pendant, on someone who may find themselves in need of help at a point during the day or in the middle of the night. By installing medical alert buttons at various places throughout the home, emergency services can be contacted quickly through your residential security system provider. In addition, a device that is worn or carried with your family member can help them access help even if no one is around.

One of the biggest risks of the elderly is the risk of falling. At any time day or night, your family member may need help or find themselves stuck because of a fall. Medical alert devices provided by your home security company give them immediate access to other family members or an urgent care professional so they are not stranded after a fall. In this way, a quick response can decrease long-term injury and the added levels of protection can provide some peace-of-mind to the rest of the family.

Some medical alerts have long-range capabilities so elderly family members are protected even if they are enjoying the outdoors near your home. Medical alerts that are waterproof so they are able to be worn while bathing are also available which mean that your loved one has access to help from any slips or falls that may happen.

The medical alert feature available with a top-rated residential security system adds a level of safety with immediate access to emergency help regardless of who is around at the time of an accident.

Home Security Systems with Cameras

Cameras do not mean spying on your loved one. They are an added level of engaging with the needs that they may have and ensuring they are safe.

Many families today are trying to navigate the busy schedules of work, school, and hobbies while attempting to keep an eye on the family member that has moved in with them. To ease the burden of checking in and or double checking that someone is safe, a home security system with video feeds can provide the view of home that is needed without the intrusive calling, asking, or “babysitting” that some families feel their loved one needs.

To release pressure, home security providers can set up a video feed that is directed at the most important places in your home and can show you that someone is safe with just a push of a button on your smartphone or through an internet connection. In this way, you would be able to view the living room, front or back doors, even up and down the street to see where your loved one is and if they are safe.

Many elderly residents may need ongoing medical care and require visiting nurses or other caregivers come into your home. With a residential security system that includes cameras, you can keep an eye on the care that your family member is being given as well as the integrity of the person who is accessing your home. Cameras will show you when someone enters or leaves your property, what activities – like physical therapy or medical check-ups – are performed and ensure that they don’t overstep their place in the home. While the majority of residential care givers are extremely honest and caring, it is wise to have an eye on the level of care and kindness they are showing your loved one and video feeds can provide that.

If your elderly family member needs a slightly higher level of care, a home security system with video cameras can help you monitor meal times, when medicine is taken or administered, or if physical activities are being completed without having to be present the entire time and providing a level of looked-after independence for the person you care about.

Home Automation Security Systems

When an elderly person moves into your home the adjustment period usually includes getting used to forgetfulness. While it is sometimes endearing, it can also be dangerous, and a home automation security system may be the perfect way to provide a little extra safety in your home, even when you are not present.

Home automation services can give you remote access for setting your alarm system, locking and unlocking doors and even opening or closing garage doors. For someone with an elderly family member at home, these protections mean added safety and convenience. An alarm can be disarmed when a nurse arrives and reset immediately after they leave, without you having to be present to do it. A family member that is forgetful of locking the front door won’t be putting themselves at risk since you are able to lock the door from your smartphone or internet connection. Also, you’re able to set alerts that signal when your elderly family member leaves the home, which is especially important when forgetfulness is an issue.

Another benefit of home automation services is controlling the thermostat. An elderly family member that doesn’t know or want to operate your thermostat may be left uncomfortably hot or cold. With a push of a button, you can readjust the temperature of your home to help them live comfortably.

Home automation security systems also allow you to adjust lights. Indoor and outdoor lights can make it look like someone is home, which will deter an intruder, but they can also be left on by a forgetful family member, running up your bill. Logging in to your home automation security system will allow you to adjust lighting for the most protection and to retain your budget.

Lastly, home automation security systems can also be connected to your appliances. If you have ever fear that your elderly family member would leave on a stove or oven, you know what it is like to now be able to get home to double check. With home automation you are able to swiftly turn on or off appliances, like an oven, and not worry about the safety concerns.

Keeping Everyone Safe

A residential security system that includes some or all of the above-mentioned features keeps everyone in your family safer. Your family member can have the perfect balance of support and independence, and you can have a more stress-free living arrangement as you access your home and check in on your loved one from a distance. Alerts and the 24/7/365 monitoring of your system mean that anything that happens will be attended to and the quick response decreases the risk of a serious injury happening in your home.

Call a residential security system company to find out more about your home security system can help you care for your elderly family members.


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