Top Reasons to Get a Home Security System with Mobile Monitoring

Top Reasons to Get a Home Security System with Mobile Monitoring

The technology being used in today’s home security systems includes convenient features like mobile monitoring. Companies that offer mobile monitoring set up access to your security system through your smartphone, tablet or through a website. Besides being convenient, mobile monitoring helps strengthen your security system by giving you access and control where you need it most.

A security system with mobile monitoring can be connected to other home automation systems. With this feature, you gain access to your home through an internet-connected device beyond just monitoring your security. Mobile monitoring means you are safe and you know exactly what is going – from the temperature on the thermostat to which lights are on and who that last person was to disarm your system.

The Information You Need

Having a security system with mobile monitoring is a great way to be able to quickly access information about your home with just the touch of a button or click of a mouse. You can find out if your system is currently armed or disarmed, even set up alerts so you are notified via text, email or phone call if there is an incident at your home. You will know in an instant if there is a break-in, fire, or change in the system that affects your property or your family.

Text and email alerts from your home security system make it easy to keep track of things by sending notifications either at a pre-determined time, or when there is a specific condition that you have programmed. You can get an alert sent to you that verifies the system is working which gives you peace of mind during your busy work day, or see an email pop up when the system is disarmed in the evening when a family member gets home. These alerts are as accessible as your smartphone so you are never without vital information.

Besides having access to alerts, mobile monitoring can allow you to see your video feeds any time you are connected. Check on the kids while they are home with a sitter, take a look around your property while you are on vacation, even double check that you closed the garage or windows from your office. With video monitoring accessible from anywhere, you never have to just hope your property is safe, you’ll see that it is.

The Control You Want

Mobile monitoring helps you play an active role in the security of your home by putting the control into your hands. With access to your security system 24/7 from any location, you get to make the choices that will keep your property and your family safe and can do it in an instant. You control when the security system is set with a swipe of your finger, based on your needs. You can disarm the system when you need without having to be at your property, which adds convenience when you are scheduling maintenance or are expecting guests.

Connecting your mobile monitoring security package to your home automation system also brings added comfort. You can control your thermostat so your home is ready when you arrive and control the lights so it both looks like someone is home and feels welcoming when you drive up.

With all these features available as part of many mobile monitoring packages, the control you need over your property is as easy as glancing at a webpage or opening an app.

A Strong Sense of Security

With access to all of the information and the control that keeps you on top of your home security, your system is that much stronger. There are fewer opportunities for error because you can remedy the situation over a wireless connection as soon as you know about it. Forgetting to set the system when you leave in a rush one morning doesn’t have to mean you go a day without protection. Installing a security system with mobile monitoring allows you to set the alarm remotely and rest assured that your home is protected the rest of the day. If you are at the office later than usual, you can switch on a light to make it look like someone is home and deter an intruder – giving you added peace of mind and real security.

Perfect for You

Mobile monitoring is a great option offered in many home security packages. Busy families, vacation home owners, those who travel often, properties with several buildings like barns or workshops, or anyone who needs to keep track of arrivals and departures from the property – like kids, elderly relatives or housekeepers – will benefit from the information and access provided by this system.

Top-Rated Security Systems with Mobile Monitoring

Some great companies offer a security system with mobile monitoring as part of their packages for a lot lower of a cost than you would expect. With the variety of home security packages available you can easily add the services that you want and would use the most often. Here are five top security companies that offer mobile monitoring:

Frontpoint’s mid-level Interactive Plan offers remote access and control as well as email and text alerts starting under $45 a month. Their Ultimate Plan lets you add live video streaming and other features for just a few dollars more. With these types of deals and the added security of information and control over your security system, there is little reason to not have mobile monitoring as part of your security service plan.

Vivint. security system packages include access to their app which has options to access your home automation, home security, or energy management needs, depending on what you decide you want from your plan. Remote access is available with all of their packages while electronic door locks and their smart thermostat program are optional features you can add to your plan. Contact Vivint. for a quote on these services.

ADT has a unique voice command system available with the ADT Pulse Voice security system package. This system gives you the same control and access to information with the added benefit of voice commands for lights, thermostat, door locks and the security system including programmable modes that combine features. You can request a quote that includes ADT Pulse Voice to get more information about this product.

SMART Connect from Protect America is included in their cellular and broadband security packages. SMART Connect lets you control your alarm remotely and includes lights, appliances and live video monitoring. The app is available for Android and iPhone so you have access to your home from Protect America with just a touch of a button.

LifeShield’s interactive security is free with any LifeShield home security system and includes interesting features like crime statistics for your neighborhood and a personalized safety score based on your habits and how your security system is working in your home. Plus, alerts and reminders can be set to help you remember to arm your system or perform basic maintenance on your home.

Your Home Security Company

With the options available through top home security companies, comparing pricing will help you determine which company and security package is right for you. The best way to choose a home security system with mobile monitoring is to find out what each company offers and how their plans can be customized meet your security needs and stay in your budget.

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