Home Security System Features that are Perfect for Growing Families

Home Security System Features that are Perfect for Growing Families

Having kids in the home changes everything. Safety concerns become a huge priority, and being able to keep the entire family safe means finding a home security system features that works for your family today and continues to work as your kids grow and your needs change.

Today’s security system service providers offer a variety of features that are perfect for families and can be adapted over time, allowing for constant coverage that always works within your needs and lifestyle. Security systems that are perfect for growing families will provide your family with protection from intruders, active alerts, accessibility when you need it, and a sense that you are supported in your efforts to keep your family safe.

Security System Monitoring

The number one consideration for growing families when it comes to their security system is monitoring. With monthly monitoring from a security system service provider that you can trust, you will know that your efforts to keep your home, property, and the people in your life safe are backed -up by trained professionals working with the best technology.

Monthly monitoring works by sending alerts from your security system to a team of people whothat are constantly reviewing and responding to what they see happening at your home. The team is trained and employed by your security system service provider. If an alert goes off at your home, they are the ones whothat call you to verify the alert and are able to dispatch authorities in an instant.

Security system monitoring is a great feature for growing families because it offersmeans an added level of protection for your family. If an alert happens at your home, there is always someone ready to start the response procedure, any time, day or night. Having this protection means you get to rest a little easier, knowing that you will be notified within moments of anything happening at your home.

Security system monitoring can be part of your monthly fees from your security system service provider. Monitoring includes keeping an eye on the sensors that are triggered if someone attempts to enter your home through a door or window, and usually includes fire, flood, freeze and carbon monoxide monitoring as well.

With a growing family it can be really beneficial to know that you will be supported if there iswere any type of emergency at your home, so talk to your security system service provider about monthly monitoring and all the benefits to being supported by their trained teams of professionals.

Home Security System Features for Growing Families

In addition to monthly monitoring of your security system, there are many features of security systems that your growing family would find beneficial. Whether your family has just added little ones or your family is raising teenagers, there are features that can help you rest assured that you are providing a safe place for your kids to grow up.

Video Surveillance

A popular security system feature for families with little ones is indoor motion detection or video surveillance. Besides alerting you of an intruder or activity in an area of your home that could be dangerous, indoor motion detection and video feeds can help you keep an eye on your kids if they are sleeping, playing or hanging out with a sitter for the evening. The best video security system can give you access to your video feeds no matter where you are by making them available through a smartphone app or a website. In this way, you can see your kids no matter where they are or who they are with even when you are not home. This level of access means you are able to check and see if they are sleeping soundly even if you are out on a date night and can watch the interactions between your kids and the sitter during the day.

The best video security system for homes with older kids includes video feeds of the entry points yourthe kids use when coming and going as well as the front door to monitor who is showing up at your house or may have access to your kids and home at different times during the day. Video security at your doorways combined with automatic alerts when your kids arm or disarm your alarm will help you keep track of when they show up at the house after school or a sporting event and when they leave the house to hang out with friends.

Custom Entry Codes

Some security system service providers offer the option to create multiple security codes for your system and can even program your alarm to accept those codes only during certain parts of the day or week. As a parent, this means you can keep tabs on each of your children as they come and go, as well as set the alarm to allow tutors, housekeepers, or nannies access to your home when you are expecting them, and only when you are expecting them.

Automatic Door Locks

Homes with older kids also gain a lot of benefit from installing automatic door locks that use codes instead of keys to gain entry into the home. Teenagers who may lose keys can enter their own personal code to access your home, which will be recorded in your alarm history, so you can see exactly when someone got home. In this way, your kids are empowered to accept an appropriate level of responsibility while you are still able to watch out for their wellbeing and ensure they are safe 24/7.

Another advantage of automatic door locks is that you can lock the door through your smartphone or website if it gets forgotten in a rush one morning. In this way, you never have to have a day without protection just because you got in a hurry in the morning.

Contacting Your Security System Service Provider

Each of the top security system service providers in the country offer a range of features that can grow with your family. Contacting them today means you can have the best system for your family installed and running in no time, and you can have all your questions about what features you can grow in to answered. Come up with a plan with your security system service provider on what features you can add at what points as your kids get older and work with them to always stay on top of keeping your family safe.

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