How to Get the Most Out of Your Home Security System App

How to Get the Most Out of Your Home Security System App

Thanks to recent innovations, the best security systems on the market now offer you more control than ever. Technology has made today’s home security systems more accessible and more convenient in addition to providing increased safety and protection of your property, home and family.

Before the smartphone came along and before apps made it possible to access information quickly, a security system would operate at your home without any opportunity for interaction from you unless an alert was triggered. This alert would initiate a series of phone calls that were designed to field false alarms and dispatch police, fire or medical response based on the alert. The only control over these early security systems was arming or disarming as you exited or entered the home and speaking with the monitoring agent in the event of a call.

While the security system has always helped deter intruders and has been an effective way to ensure emergency response in the event of an incident at your home, now it can do so much more. Homeowners can experience added safety, unprecedented convenience and high-levels of control over their system, utilities, video feeds and more – often at just a touch of a button through a smartphone app.

Knowing how to use your security system app will help you offset your overall security system cost and can even help you lower your utilities and add to the safety of your home. Getting the most out of the app is one of the best ways to take advantage of what your security system provider offers with your security system package.

Types of Home Security System Apps

There are two different types of home security apps. The first is an app developed by and offered directly through a home security company. These apps are designed to work with the features offered by the company and are supported and upgraded based on the schedule and innovations of the company you are working with. Any questions, concerns or technical information regarding the app is communicated directly with the home security provider you are working with.

The second type of home security app is one that is designed by a third party to be compatible with various home security companies and their features. This type of smartphone app is not supported by the security company you are working with. Questions or concerns have to be routed through the third party. In this way, the features you have access to are based on what has been made available by the third-party developer and may be more broad in nature to accommodate multiple systems versus specific to your home security package.

In either case, a home security app increases the access you have to your home security system and adds a level of convenience that allows you to control the system from anywhere your app is operational.

Common Home Security App Features

With growing access to app technology and an ever-increasing demand for the immediate convenience that an app offers, many companies are developing apps that are integrating innovative features and can accompany different levels of security, home automation and budget requirements. Many times, your security system cost includes access to your system through an app, at least in part, with the opportunity to upgrade to additional features, settings and alerts based on your home security provider. The best security systems offer you a minimum of arming and disarming capabilities and some automatic alerts that aid in ensuring your system is working the way you need it to when you need it to.

From these two features, smartphone home security system access grows to include everything from thermostat settings to real-time video feeds. Depending on the level of control and the level of access that you want to obtain through your home security system and your app, you can add to your security package and put a wide variety of features right at your fingertips including:

  • Locking and unlocking doors
  • Opening and closing a garage
  • Control over indoor and outdoor lights
  • Small appliance control
  • Saved videos and still images
  • Custom alerts
  • Security system history
  • Unique codes for access to the system
  • Home pre-sets based on time of day and activities

These are just a few of the features offered by smartphone home security system apps. Many more may be available depending on the home security system company you are working with and the level of security you have chosen for your home.

Offset Security System Cost

One of the best features of using a home security app may be how it helps offset your security system cost. First, by lowering the chance of burglary and loss and, second, by adding to the control you have over utilities. The best security systems also have optional alerts for fire, flood and freeze warnings, which can be part of your customized alerts in your app. When alerted, you decrease the response time to these incidents which can also decrease damage and decrease costs of repairs in the event of a fire, flood or freeze incident.

Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Security System App

  1. The absolute best way to get the most out of your security system app is to use it! The apps that are developed and provided are designed to make life more convenient for you as well as keep you safe and ensure that there is less chance of error when it comes to your security system. If you forget to set your alarm one morning, your app is there to ensure your home is protected without requiring that you drive back to set it.
  1. Ensure that you set the customizable alerts so you can take your mind off of your security system. Customizable alerts mean that you can get an email or text message when certain events happen at your home. For example, an alert when a child gets home from school or if the garage door is left open means you never have to wonder what is happening at your home. Setting your alerts means the app is working for you and making your life easier.
  1. Consider optional features with your smartphone home security system app like video feeds and motion detection alerts. These optional features might mean the difference as you can be alerted of an intruder and capture their image through your phone. Video feeds also mean you can check in on your property at any time and see what is happening there real-time. The optional features that add to your peace of mind are always worth it.
  1. Exploring what your security system app can do is another great way to get the most out of it. Don’t leave any feature unturned as you begin to navigate the app and all it has to offer. You may be surprised that the one thing you wish you had access to is already there for you, just waiting to give you the access and control you need.

Discover Your Smartphone Home Security System App Features

Check online or through your devices app marketplace to see what others are saying about their home security system apps. Average user rankings and feedback are a great way to get the information you need, suggestions on how to use the app and information about upgrades, bug fixes and updates based on your smartphone operating system. You will find a variety of ways to add convenience through this easy-to-use technology.

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