Frontpoint Monitoring Plans Overview

Frontpoint Monitoring Plans Overview

Frontpoint Security System Monitoring

A quick glance through any site that offers reviews on Frontpoint will show that they are well-received, attentive to feedback and ready to connect with their customers. A brief history of the company and an overview of their focus on technology and customer service was covered previously. Here, we will outline the details of their home security packages including installation information, the three levels of protection available through Frontpoint and some advanced features that could increase the security of your home or property.

Monitoring Plan Details

Frontpoint offers three monitoring plans to choose from for their home security services. The packages can be modified to fit any home and protect any property. All plans include 100% wireless and cellular equipment and come with a 30-day risk free trial. When working with Frontpoint, you own the equipment outright, and all equipment that is part of the package and features that you choose for your home arrives without any shipping costs to you. In the event that you decide not to keep your security system during the 30-day trial period, Frontpoint will pay for return shipping as well.

Each plan also comes with 24/7 professional monitoring services so there is always someone looking after your property and a three-year warranty on all equipment. For detailed information on the equipment offered by Frontpoint check out this post.


System installation is done by the customer with the help of a Frontpoint expert over the phone, if needed. There is no installation cost or waiting for a technician. Sensors that are placed at entry points like doors and windows around your home are simply applied with the included adhesive. There is no screwing or drilling necessary in order to install the sensors that protect your property. In addition, the control panel that is included in your home security package can be easily mounted on the wall with the included hardware, or set on a table top for easy relocation.

With self-installation, most homes can have their security system up and running within one hour, including the activation phone call to Frontpoint which verifies all signals are being received appropriately and the system is working as it is designed.

Customers receive all of the equipment they have ordered with installation instructions in the mail usually 2-5 days after the order is placed and system is built to your specifications in their Virginia warehouse. The appropriate batteries or power cords are included and the equipment can be installed at your convenience. The completely wireless and cellular system has been designed to be easy to install and activate, but, if there are any questions about how or where to install features, the Frontpoint customer service professionals can answer those questions and help get your system up and running.

Three Levels of Protection Offered by Frontpoint:

Base-Level: The Protection Plan

The Protection Plan is the most basic home security package available from Frontpoint and starts at $34.99 per month. This plan includes intrusion protection with monitoring of your door and window sensors, motion sensors, garage door sensors and window breakage detectors. It also includes basic environmental protection, so Frontpoint also monitors and responds in the event of fire or smoke, high levels of water, or carbon dioxide is detected.

The Protection Plan is good for individuals who live on smaller properties, in apartments or condos where the main concern is keeping an intruder from entering the home. It is the simplest plan available which is preferable for individuals who do not need to interact with their security system from a distance but still desire the protection of a trusted security system.

Mid-Level: The Interactive Plan

The Interactive Plan takes all of the elements of The Protection Plan – intrusion and environmental monitoring – and adds key features that create significant value for the price of $44.99 per month.

First, the Interactive Plan includes “Crash and Smash” protection which ensures that your control panel will send an alert to the monitoring center even if a burglar attempts to break it.

The Interactive Plan also includes email and text alerts. Many home security system users enjoy having regular updates and alerts of any incidents at their property sent directly to email or through a text message. This way, you are connected to what is happening all the time.

Along with email and text alerts, this plan adds remote monitoring and control, so you can access your system through Frontpoint’s mobile app or customer website from your smartphone or other web-enabled device to arm or disarm the system and even control lights.

Lastly, The Interactive Plan adds geo-location service to your home security service, which is programmed to send an alert if you leave your home without setting your system.

The Interactive Plan is popular among families who need to be able to access and control the status of their security system from a distance. It offers a lot of additional convenience that can help busy professionals keep control of their home security and offers reminders and alerts that make the system less fallible or subject to simple oversight in a busy day. If your life needs extra security, plus could benefit from added conveniences and alerts, then this system may be the best option for you.

Top-Level: The Ultimate Plan

The Ultimate Plan is for anyone who wants the security of the Protection plan, the added features of the Interactive plan, and wants to add video and home automation features, such as keypad door locks and energy management to their security package. The Ultimate Plan starts at $49.99 per month.

Live video streaming provides added security and access to areas of your home like the front door. With live video streaming you can look in at who is at the door without going to open or even being home and can see what is happening inside your home based on the cameras that you set up in advance. Along with the live video streams, The Ultimate Plan includes motion activated video recording. With this feature you do not have to browse through countless minutes of video feeds to get to the information that is important, the recording automatically starts when motion is detected in the area.

Automatic door locks also come with The Ultimate Plan and are a great feature for any family that has multiple people coming and going, or individuals that are often entering their home with their hands full. Automatic door locks make it possible to secure your home with a touch of a button so you are never left vulnerable as well as unlock the door when someone needs in without having to give them a key or complete access to your home.

Lastly, The Ultimate Plan includes energy management control which puts the lighting and temperature of your home at your fingertips. This feature can be used both to make your home more comfortable by giving you access to adjust the thermostat while you are away, which can be beneficial in controlling energy prices as it makes it possible for you to use less energy while you are away.

Things to Consider When Choosing Frontpoint Home Security Equipment and Monitoring Plans

The three packages mentioned above offer a lot of versatility, but how do you know which one is right for you? Here are a few factors on how to choose the best features and packages for your home. We recommend that you talk to a security professional at Frontpoint to get any specific questions answered and hear about the variety of ways that their equipment can be used to protect your home and add convenience to your life.

Size and Layout of your Property

The first factor in building the right security system package for your home is to consider the size of your home and property. Smaller residences may not need the same equipment as larger homes, though there are other factors that will contribute to the decision as well, which you will discover as you read further.

The size and layout of your home and property will determine how many intrusion sensors and environmental monitoring equipment you need to build the foundation of your home security system. You should expect to place sensors at all doors and windows that are easily accessible to potential intruders, both on the ground floor of your home and anywhere else that windows and doors can be accessed.

The layout of your home will also determine how many floors need to be covered with security sensors, plus considerations about where and how many environmental sensors you will need. For example, if you have a ranch-style home with a basement that has large windows, both levels will need to be protected. In contrast, a two-story home that only has easy access points on the ground-level will need intrusion sensors on the main floor but should consider installing carbon monoxide sensors and heat & smoke sensors on the second level.

The layout inside your home also influences your use of motion detectors and video surveillance. Large, open floorplans often benefit more from motion sensors as the sensor can cover multiple areas of the home. If your home has many smaller rooms, motion detection from individual sensors can be limited, and additional detectors may need to be added to your overall home security package in order to properly monitor your home.

From there, it is important to determine which features you will need from the other packages that are available through Frontpoint. A Frontpoint customer service representative can help you determine what your overall equipment needs are and will help you select additional features and equipment to your security package.

If you are interested in reviewing the equipment available through Frontpoint in more detail, please read the previous post on Frontpoint’s equipment, features, and specifications, or contact Frontpoint directly at (855) 720-3232.

Remote Access

The Interactive Plan gives you remote access and control through the Frontpoint app for iPhone and Android and through a secure, personalized website that includes the features and equipment of your system.

The mobile app allows you to customize features and alerts so your system works the way you need it, and you are able to experience the highest level of most safety and security. The mobile app lets you arm or disarm your system with a simple click of a button. Remote access also gives you immediate mobile alerts when there is action at your home or when you have left the house while the alarm remained disarmed. With the mobile app you know right away when something is happening at your home.

Along with the mobile app, there is remote access to your video feeds through a secure website where you are able to see live what is going on in or around your home. You will be able to check in visually on kids, pets or temporary visitors while you are away.

Remote access also includes turning on and off lights in your home with a touch of a button so you property never looks vacant. You can also adjust your thermostat, if you select the equipment as part of your package.

Video Surveillance

Video cameras placed at strategic places around your home can catch a potential intruder and help you identify them to authorities. The presence of cameras has been shown to deter intruders all together, as well, so placing outdoor wireless cameras at easy entry points, or indoor wireless cameras right inside the door, can help raise the security of your home even further.

With Frontpoint, video surveillance is part of The Ultimate Plan. In addition to the streaming capabilities mentioned above, Frontpoint includes features like motion-activated recording that records what is happening in an area whenever movement is detected. High definition and night vision capabilities are also available as part of your outdoor wireless camera so you can see clearly what is happening day or night.

Contracting with Frontpoint

Frontpoint offers a 30-day, 100% risk free trial period for your new security system. If you return your system during these 30-days they will even pay for the return shipping of your equipment. If you decide to move forward with Frontpoint, they offer contracts that include a three-year warranty on your equipment and all of the customer support and tech support that you need.

With Frontpoint, you have the option of signing a one-year or three-year contract for your home security system. The length of your contract will affect the total price paid upfront for equipment and can influence discounts. It is important to get all the details about your Frontpoint home security contract before agreeing to any services.

In the event that you are relocating, Frontpoint allows you to move the system to your new location and never experience a disruption in service. Call ahead to notify them of the move, and they will send simple instructions and a box to pack up all of your home security supplies.

Another unique aspect to Frontpoint is that their monitoring contracts are transferable. This means that you can transfer the remainder of your contract to another person, whether it is a relative or someone on Craigslist. This is just one of the ways that Frontpoint shows they are committed to customer satisfaction and are willing to work with you, if you need to end your contract early.

With all security systems it is important to know the details of their contract before signing. Talking to a Frontpoint representative will allow you to get the most accurate information about their contract and ask any questions you may have. Here are few things you should find out before signing:

  • What is the length of my contract?
  • What are the guarantees and warranties associated with the contract?
  • Under what circumstances am I able to break my contract?
  • What are the penalties for breaking the contract?
  • What is required of me to maintain the contract terms and receive all of the guarantees and warranties associated with my service and equipment?

Getting Started

To get started with Frontpoint and to hear more about the equipment, features and information that they have to help keep your home secure, please call the Frontpoint customer service line at (855) 720-3232.

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